No one knows tweens better!


Walk through any girl-targeted store and you’ll be flooded in a sea of PINK. Would you be surprised to learn that pink isn’t a tween’s favorite color? Start a Project with Tween Trends and learn more.

If you seek to engage today’s tween girl, you can’t afford to go with stereotypes. Today’s girls deserve the best your organization can provide. The stereotypical girl approach just won’t cut it.

With Tween Trends, you can keep current with candid insights from thought-leading girls.

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Tween Trends Reports

Get the insights you need to keep your tween engagement efforts fresh. Tween Trends can keep you up on all that’s important to tweens.
Our data isn’t derived from questionnaires, direct mail surveys or creepy mall research centers. Tween Trends is powered by observations and data from, the only authentic tween girl web site. iTwixie offers the broadest range of high quality content and fun, to offer the most authentic interaction with everyday tween girls. It’s this unique approach that generates candid insights to inform best practices for your organization’s approach tweens.


Start a project with Tween Trends and get inspired.


Start a Project Now

Every day we gather insights and observations which we compile into monthly issues of Tween Trends. Start a Project now and get Tween Trends delivered straight to your inbox. Simply complete our registration form to get a proposal sent to you. Past issues of Tween Trends are available, too.

Tween Trends Issues Archive


Our quarterly view of data, key observations and a summery of hot topics, includes a forecast of what’s coming up and how organizations like yours can capitalize on better tween engagement.

Annual Tween Trends Report

This wrap-up and analysis of the year’s trends identifies implications for businesses and non-profit organizations, all in one report.