About Tween Trends

Our approach will revolutionize how you do business. Why?  Because we truly listen to girls. Every day. Stop asking your own kids what they think about your design. Stop relying on gender stereotypes, sensationalized blogs, and overblown press and media. Stop wondering about what it means to be a girl today. Start learning. Our girls deserve your best. And Tween Trends can help you deliver it. Let Tween Trends unravel the mystery of reaching today’s girls. At Tween Trends, we listen with purpose. We listen so you can gain the kind of understanding about girls that will help you create your best ideas for girls, everywhere.

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At Tween Trends, we know that the more we encourage girls to speak up, the more we get to hear from them directly. All girl-serving brands, products, services and media groups seek to hear candid feedback from girls. But it’s difficult. Expensive. Time-consuming. And often, quite frankly, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting, hiring moderators and then fielding studies, the results are simply confusing.

At Tween Trends, we make it easy. We listen to girls 24/7 so we can help in creating the most  positive products ever made for girls.

If your company, group or brand seeks to make a positive impact on girls, Tween Trends can help you. Contact us today. We’d love to hear about your project and work with you to achieve your goals.

About iTwixie

The iTwixie revolution is all about bringing girls together to stand as one. Together we are stronger. Together our voices are louder. Together we can change the world.

So we bring girls together, virtually, from all 50 states in the US, and from over 30 countries all over the globe. iTwixie girls share a powerful mission: to work together to change the world.

It’s not just about standing against gender stereotypes. It’s about challenging the notion of what it means to be “for girls.” If you think that putting a product in pink, glitter-laden is all it takes to make something for girls, think again. Lazy marketing won’t cut it anymore. Today’s girls are savvy, bright, energetic and inquisitive. They are smart and they have goals. They want help in achieving their goals. Not just a bunch of pink. It’s a revolutionary concept. And it’s catching on. It all started right here, with iTwixie. Together we are doing it: we are changing the world.

You can stand with us, too. Join us.