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20 Jun 2013

Photo Credit: Abby Wolf

Today’s tween girl has more on her mind than our pop culture leads us to believe. You may think she cares about lip gloss, pink stuff and glitter. Think again. Girls tell us they are into much, much more than that.

In fact, more girls than ever say that they are playing at least 1 sport. And get this! Many girls play 3 or more!

So it shouldn’t surprise you that one of the things that girls tell us they need to learn more about is how to get stronger and healthier. Tips like how to try planking or other techniques for building strength and skill, appeal to these growing girls.

So while pop culture may coax you into believing that girls want to look like models, but we’re learning that girls want to look strong and healthy. So next time you’re evaluating your messaging or thinking about how you want to capture a tween’s attention, think twice about using those stereotypical approaches that often lead to self-esteem erasing messages, and consider identifying a set of messages that can appeal to a tween’s growing strength.

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