COPPA Regulations Update in 2012

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26 Nov 2012

According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) will get an update by year’s end. The act written in an age before smart phones and tablets, where children are online daily, is due for a review.

iTwixie has always approached child safety a little differently than COPPA. At iTwixie, we believe it’s our job to not only keep a child’s personal information safe, we believe that it’s our job to make sure all content, messages and partnerships that we bring to our community is appropriate, empowering and provides a positive experience for iTwixie girls.

While we applaud COPPA for recognizing the changes it needs to make, we likewise see an opportunity for more companies to see their responsibility to children as one that goes beyond what COPPA mandates.

That’s why we moderate 100% of our memberships posts. We don’t stand in the way of self expression, but rather, stand in the way of creepy people who would like to post creepy things on a child-targeted site. We believe it is our duty to moderate anything that’s inappropriate before a child sees it. And that’s what we do.

Our dedication to providing a safe and fun place for children online will always be at the center of our mission and vision.

This article was written by: rebecca

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