iTwixie Partnership with GenevaMars

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26 Mar 2012

iTwixie proudly announces a special partnership with GenevaMars. Introducing Zachy the Robot – a terrific app for tweens who babysit and are looking for a fun, educational and cool way to entertain the kids they’re watching!

Zachy the Robot is an interactive learning game that teaches kids about science, engineering, math, and technology. That’s why everyone at iTwixie is so excited about this partnership! It’s all about STEM, which is a huge priority for iTwixie. Since, the app was specially designed for kids 3-7 years old, Zachy the Robot is featured in the Babysitter’s Corner of iTwixie, a special hangout on iTwixie where girls share babysitting tips. iTwixie is excited about giving away a few copies of the app this week, as part of a random drawing for girls who send in stories about how they can use Zachy the Robot while babysitting.

iTwixie and GenevaMars share many of the same empowering, kid-centered values, which makes this partnership extra special. Please join us in celebrating STEM and kids, a spread the word about iTwixie and GenevaMars!

This article was written by: rebecca

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