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3 Oct 2011

Please join us in celebrating the official launch of Tween Trends, powered by We are proud to offer distinctive services for organizations who seek to engage tween girls. From monthly trends to in-depth studies, no one knows tweens better than Tween Trends.

Monthly Issues of Tween Trends

We are constantly learning new things from today’s tween girl. She is dynamic, imaginative and savvy, and surprises our Tween Trends Analysts every day, with stereotype-busting comments, feedback and a fresh perspective that will keep your organization on its toes. These insights and observations get compiled into monthly issues of Tween Trends, which can be delivered directly to your inbox for free, with a Tween Trends subscription.

Yes, a subscription to Tween Trends is free!

Ask Tween Trends

We are thrilled to offer Ask Tween Trends. Do you have one or two questions that you are dying to know about tweens? Are you wishing for answers without fielding a full on research study? Perhaps you just need a few bits if insight to enhance a proposal, or have quick questions to help your girl-serving organization do its job better. Ask Tween Trends can help.

Ask Tween Trends gets quick, authentic answers for you for a nominal fee. Take advantage of our special, introductory offer for Ask Tween Trends today!

Quarterly & Annual Reports

We also compile reports on a quarterly and annual basis. These reports offer a deeper analysis of data, key observations and a summery of hot topics, complete with a forecast of what’s coming up and how organizations can capitalize on better tween engagement. Stay tuned.

Custom Research

The heart and soul of Tween Trends is our custom research approach.  Our research team will work with you to identify a plan for getting the feedback and answers you need for the greatest strategic impact to your organization. Here is a quick list of research methods:

  • Interviews with parents, families tweens
  • Focus groups and brainstorming sessions
  • Ethnography (observations, diary studies)
  • Usability testing
  • Card sorting (for information architecture)


Thank you for your support, especially to our strategic partners who have helped to refine various aspects of our product offerings.

Together, we can work to offer tweens better products and services. No one knows tweens better that Tween Trends, so let us become your strategic partner in tween research.


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