Tween Trends is Here!

Posted in Pulse by Norm
8 Apr 2011

Hello world!

The launch of Tween Trends is an exciting time for iTwixie. We have built the only social network for tween girls and now we can use that tool to learn more and more about the ever changing tween mind. This demographic is exciting and fun, but only iTwixie has a direct connection to this group when they are the most honest and themselves. Make sure you check out our approach and philosophy to get the most out of what we offer.

What do we offer?

Currently you can subscribe to our monthly reports. These reports are a great window into what is currently happening on iTwixie and what girls are thinking. You can subscribe to the reports annually, quarterly or buy each month one at a time. The reports are only the tip of the ice-burgh, you can create a custom report or survey to get the exact information you need.

Stay connected.

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